Colloque sur les manuscrits irlandais de Trinity College Dublin (17-18 mai 2018)

Les 17-18 mai 2018 aura lieu à Trinity College Dublin un colloque sur la collection des manuscrits irlandais dans cette bibliothèque.

The Irish manuscripts in the library of Trinity College Dublin

This event is being organised to celebrate the centenary of the establishment of what is now the TCD Department of Irish and Celtic Languages as an academic unit independent of the School of Divinity in 1918. The Irish manuscripts in the Library’s collection cover over a thousand years of Irish literature and learning, and the staff of the Irish Department, among others, are committed to the task of investigating this priceless scholarly resource with a view to elucidating its contents and bringing them to a wider public. As part of that endeavour, some speakers at this conference will focus on individual manuscripts of their choice, ranging in date from the ninth to the sixteenth centuries, while others will seek to outline how the collection came to be, and where it goes from now. Digital images will be used to illustrate the talks and some of the manuscripts featuring in the talks will be on exhibition in the Old Library for all to see.

Day 1: Thursday May 17th
9.00 –9.20: Opening address by Professor Damian McManus, Chair of Early Irish, TCD
9.30–10.15: Dr Eoghan Ó Raghallaigh, Irish Department, Maynooth University: ‘Manuscript H 3. 19 (1340): The Tinnakill Duanaire’.
10.15–11.00: Christina Cleary, Irish Department, TCD: ‘Manuscript H 2. 16 (1318): The Yellow Book of Lecan’.
11.00–11.45 Coffee break
11.45–12.30: Professor Damian McManus, Irish Department, TCD: ‘Manuscript H 2. 18 (1339): The Book of Leinster’.
12.30–14.30: Lunch break and visit to exhibition.
14.30–15.15: Dr Mícheál Hoyne, Bergin Fellow at the School of Celtic Studies, DIAS: ‘H 4.22 (1363), XII (The Seifín Duanaire): Survival from a Bardic library’.
15.15–16.15: Professor Richard Sharpe FBA, Faculty of History, Oxford. ‘The Irish-language manuscripts of the Library of Trinity College Dublin’

Day 2: Friday May 18th
9.30 –10.15: Dr Jürgen Uhlich, Irish Department, TCD: ‘Manuscript 52: The Book of Armagh’.
10.15–11.00: Dr Chantal Kobel, O’Donovan Scholar at the School of Celtic Studies, DIAS: ‘Manuscript H 3. 18 (1337): Glimpses into the composite manuscript’.
11.00–11.45 Coffee break.
11.45–12.30: Caoimhe Ní Ghormáin, Assistant Librarian, Manuscripts & Archives Research Library, TCD & Anne-Marie O’Brien, ISOS Director, DIAS: ‘The Library of Trinity College Dublin and the ISOS Project’.
12.30–14.30 Lunch break.
14.30–15.15: Dr Eoin Mac Cárthaigh, Irish Department, TCD: ‘Manuscript H 6. 7 (1411)’.
15.15–16.00: Professor Liam Breatnach, School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies: ‘Manuscript H 3. 17 (1336)’.

A two-day conference organised by the Department of Irish and Celtic languages
in conjunction with the Library and supported by the Long Room Hub.
May 17th-18th , 2018, in the Long Room Hub, TCD.

Journée d’étude “Les bibliothèques patrimoniales en Belgique, 500 ans d’histoire”, le 17 avril 2018

Le 17 avril 2018 aura lieu à la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique la journée d’étude “Les bibliothèques patrimoniales en Belgique, 500 ans d’histoire”.

En cette année académique 2017-2018, l’Université de Liège et l’Université de Gand commémorent chacune le bicentenaire de leur fondation. Ce n’est cependant pas leur seul point commun : ces deux institutions abritent en effet les pôles patrimoniaux les plus significatifs du Nord et du Sud du pays. L’occasion était belle de prendre appui sur ces deux dépôts (universitaires) d’exception pour aller à la rencontre d’autres bibliothèques belges dont les richesses – présentées ici sous des angles inédits – méritaient tout autant un éclairage de premier plan. Continuer la lecture

Parker Library (Cambridge) en ligne : journée d’étude le 18 mars 2018

Récemment, toute la collection de manuscrits médiévaux de la célèbre « Parker Library » de Corpus Christi College à Cambridge a été numérisée et mise à disposition sur le web.

A cette occasion une journée d’étude a aura lieu le 16 mars 2018, pour présenter la bibliothèque ancienne et la bibliothèque numérique et pour lancer des pistes de recherche.

Parker Library on the Web 2.0: New Opportunities and Future Directions

The Parker Library of Corpus Christi College is pleased to invite you to a symposium celebrating the launch of its newly redesigned digital platform. The conference will be an occasion to reflect on the impact of the digital humanities on manuscript studies, bringing together graduate students, researchers, and library professionals who work with or on manuscript books.
Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, attendance at the conference is free of charge. Depending on numbers, the conference will be held either in the historic Parker Library itself, or in the McCrum Lecture Theatre of Corpus Christi College. We therefore assume that your booking represents your confirmation of attendance.

Programme Continuer la lecture