Colloque sur les bibliothèques de la Renaissance et la circulation de l’information (Helsinki, 26-28 sept. 2018)

Le quatrième colloque du “Nordic Network for Renaissance Studies” aura lieu à Helsinki et a pour sujet le domaine de l’histoire des bibliothèques de la Renaissance :

Renaissance Libraries and the Organisation of Information

26 September 2018

9.30-10.30 : Plenary 1 (Roling) room 104

11.00-12.30 :

Section 1 (room 309) : Organising libraries I, chair: Raija Sarasti-Wilenius (University of Helsinki)

  • Johann Ramminger, Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, Vienna/Munich, In Praise of Libraries. The semantics of book-collections
  • Annet den Haan, University of Aarhus, The Vatican as the new Alexandria. Ancient models for Renaissance libraries in fifteenth-century Italy
  • Peter Gillgren, University of Stockholm, The original design of the Skokloster library ( 1665)

Section 2 (room 312) : Reconstructing libraries I, chair: Jakub Kujawinski (University of Helsinki/MedPub/University of Jyväskylä/Lamemoli/University of Poznan)

  • Maddalena Signorini, University of Rome Tor Vergata, An unconventional Humanism. Giovanni Boccaccio’s library
  • Simone Allegria, University of Siena, La biblioteca francescana del convento di Santa Croce a Firenze
  • Adele Di Lorenzo, University of Siena, Libri in viaggio. Avventure e percorsi della biblioteca itinerante dell’umanista domenicano Pietro Ranzano (XV secolo)

Section 3 (room 313) : Organising books I, chair: Miika Kuha (University of Jyväskylä/Lamemoli)

  • Aino Liira, University of Turku, Features of organisation and layout in the indices to the Middle English Polychronicon
  • Adrián Ares Legaspi, University of Seville, Organising the information in Renaissance manuscripts in the Castilian Kingdom. Material strategies in Santiago de Compostela’s books and libraries
  • Antonia Cerullo, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Liturgical music manuscripts in Montecassino during the Renaissance period. Abbot Squarcialupi’s commission

14.00-15.30 :

Section 1 (room 309), Organising libraries II, chair: Samu Niskanen (University of Helsinki/MedPub/Jesus College, Oxford)

  • Marianne Pade, Danish Academy in Rome/University of Aarhus, Storage of books – storage of knowledge
  • Astrid M. H. Nilsson, Lund University, Royal Marginalia. King Eric XIV of Sweden as organiser of knowledge
  • Patrizia Carmassi, Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel/DFG, “On the shoulders of the Humanists”. Accumulation of libraries: accumulation of knowledge?

Section 2 room 312 : Reconstructing libraries II, chair: Birgit Ebersperger (Bavarian Academy of Sciences)

  • Grigory Vorobyev, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, The Greek Manuscripts of Demetrius Chalcondyles. Towards a Reconstruction of a Private Library
  • Giovanna Murano, Lamemoli, Nuove acquisizioni di libri appartenuti a Giovanni Pico della Mirandola
  • Nadia Cannata, University of Rome La Sapienza, Linguistic Culture in Renaissance Rome. The Vatican Collections, Bembo and Colocci’s Libraries (1500-1545)


27 September 2018

9.00-10.00 : Plenary 2 (Quattrocchi) room 104

10.30-11.30 :

Section 1 (room 309) : Reformation and counter-reformation in library culture, chair: Susanna Niiranen (University of Jyväskylä/Lamemoli)

  • Peter Sjökvist, Uppsala University Library, The catalogues of the Braniewo and Poznań Jesuit Colleges at Uppsala University Library
  • Benjamin Hübbe, Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel/Lamemoli, Hermann von der Hardt (1660‒1747) on the transmission of Luther and on Reformation history

Section 2 (room 312) : Reconstructing libraries III, chair: Giovanna Murano (University of Jyväskylä/Lamemoli)

  • Miika Kuha, Lamemoli/University of Jyväskylä, The library of Doge Leonardo Donà (1536–1612)
  • Lorenzo Amato, Lamemoli/University of Tokyo, First notes on Giovan Battista Strozzi the Younger’s Roman library

Section 3 (room 313) : Organising information I, chair: Gottskálk Jensson (University of Copenhagen)

  • Mikhail Sergeev, Herzen University, Saint Petersburg, Compiling the universal library. The second and the third editions of C. Gessner’s Bibliotheca universalis (1551, 1555)
  • Svorad Zavarský, Ján Stanislav Institute of Slavonic Studies, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Curiosiora et selectiora variarum scientiarum miscellanea as a substitute for a library and a shortcut to its contents


28 September 2018

9.30-10.30 : Plenary 3 (K. Jensen) room 104

11.00-12.30 :

Section 1 (room 309) : Meaningful memories. (Re-)organizing memories from the humanist archives, chair: Annet den Haan (University of Aarhus)

  • Maren Rohde Pihlkjær, University of Aarhus, Changing memory through new translations. Reorganizing the conception of democracy
  • Trine Arlund Hass, Danish Academy/University of Aarhus, Remembering Caesar. The organization of Erasmus Laetus’ biography of Gaius Julius Caesar in Romanorum Cæsares Italici (Frankfurt am Main 1574)
  • Anders Kirk Borggaard, University of Aarhus, Constructing Christian. Creating a memory through the transformation of Classical and Biblical literature

Section 2 (room 312) : Organising information II, chair: Lorenzo Amato, University of Tokyo/Lamemoli

  • Sofie Kluge, University of Southern Denmark, The library of Don Quixote. Labyrinths of information in Renaissance Spain
  • Gottskálk Jensson, University of Copenhagen/University of Iceland, Arngrímur Jónsson (1568–1648) and the library of Northern antiquities
  • Tua Korhonen, University of Helsinki, Manuel Moschopoulos’ Περὶ σχεδῶν (1545) and other Greek prints in the library of the Royal Academy of Turku (Finland)

Section 3 (room 313) : Libraries as objects of prestige, chair: Patrizia Carmassi (HAB, Wolfenbüttel)

  • Mattias Ekman, University of Oslo, Co-locating the library with the Princely suites of learning in Gottorf, Copenhagen and Stockholm in the mid-seventeenth century
  • Organising books II : Mari-Liisa Varila, University of Turku, Scribal strategies of organising text and information in manuscript copies of sixteenth-century printed books
  • Organising information III : Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn, Oslo School of Architecture and Design, “Without order and at random”. Jacopo Manilli’s 1650 guidebook to the Villa Borghese

14.00-15.00 :

Section 1 (room 309) : Organising information IV, chair: Irene Ceccherini (Bodleian Library, Oxford)

  • Britt-Marie Karlsson, University of Gothenburg, Hélisenne de Crenne popularizing Virgil’s Aeneid in sixteenth-century France
  • David Hasberg Zirak-Schmidt, Aarhus University, Truth? Memory, amnesia, and historical knowledge in All is True

 15.30-16.30 : Project presentations (room 309)

16.30-17.30 : Closing of the congress (room 104)

Frais de participation : € 75 jusqu’au 15 sept. 2018 ou € 100 du 16 au 26 sept. 2018
Ceci inclue le programme, les pauses, les réceptions (du NNRS du 25 sept. et e l’université le 26 sept.)

Comité d’organisation :

  • Outi Merisalo, University of Jyväskylä/Lamemoli (chair)
  • Marianne Pade, Danish Academy, Rome/Aarhus University/NNRS
  • Raija Sarasti-Wilenius, University of Helsinki/Association for Classical Philology
  • Katja Varakas, Association for Classical Philology

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