Journée d’étude sur la collection de R.E. Hart (Blackburn, UK, 10 nov. 2017)

Le 10 novembre aura lieu une journée d’étude sur la collection de R.E. Hart (1878-1946),donnée à la ville de Blackburn après sa mort et conserve dans le Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery.

“Something for my native town » Recent Discoveries and New Directions in the R.E. Hart Collections of the Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery


Vendredi 10 novembre 2017
Blackburn University Centre, University Close, Blackburn BB2 1

9h00-9h30: Registration and refreshments
9h30-9h45: Cynthia Johnston: Welcome and introduction

Session 1: Collecting Manuscripts (prés. Caroline Wilkinson)
9h45-10h15: Nigel Morgan: The Blackburn Psalter: a thirteenth-century manuscript by the artists of the Bible of William of Devon
10:15-10:45: Scot McKendrick, Contextualising the Art and Innovations of Blackburn’s Treasure of Early Netherlandish Illumination (Hart 20884)
10h45-11h15: Pause

Session 2: Collecting Fragments
11h15-11h45: Catherine Yvard, ‘PICTURAE ANTIQUAE’: a dismembered book of hours reconsidered (HART 20984)
11h45-12h15: Eric White, Toward a History of Early Printing Used as Binding Waste
12h15-12h45: Dr. Lotte Hellinga, The engineer and the early printing types
12h45-13h30: Déjeuner

Session 3: Collecting the world (prés. : Stephanie Seville)
13h30-14h15: Rebecca Darley and selected speakers, Collections to think with: the Hart coin collection then and now
14h15-14h45: Cleo Cantone, Hart and the ‘Orient’: Between Conjecture and Imagination in his Islamic Collection

Session 4: ’For what purpose do they spend?’ Motivations and context for the Hart Collection
14h45-15h15: Ed Potten, Glossing the gloss: Interactions between readers and their books in the Hart Collection
15h15-15h45: Pause
15h45-16h15: Dr. Cynthia Johnston, ‘Given me by Mr. Maggs’: the Revelations of R.E. Hart’s ‘Connoisseur’s Library’

16h15-17h15: Plenary Lecture, Professor David McKitterick, ‘Collecting – for whom?’
17h15-17h30: Concluding Remarks, Rebecca Johnson, Arts and Culture Manager, Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery

Un programme détaillé avec des résumés est téléchargéable.


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